Q – How often do you trade?
A – We have set parameters both on gains and losses. When a particular holding rises a certain amount we take our profits. Similarly, when a holding declines a certain amount we buy more. This forces us to do what you are supposed to do; buy low and sell high.

Q – How many months during the year will the portfolio change?
A – On average, we expect four times a year.

Q – Does the portfolio make money every month?
A – The portfolio may not make money every month. We anticipate but cannot guarantee, that we will make money approximately 8 months per calendar year.

Q – What stocks do you buy?
A – We buy the S&P 500, not individual stocks. By owning the S&P 500 we own 500 stocks giving us tremendous diversity. The S&P 500 owns all the large popular stocks such as Amazon, Google, Home Depot, etc. We also receive all the dividends from the stocks that pay dividends.

Q – Why do you buy long term bonds?
A – We are not holding the bonds for the interest rate although we do receive any interest that they pay. We are purchasing bonds as a hedge against the stock market. In 2008, when the stock market lost approximately 35%, long term bonds gained 35%.

Q – Why would I want to own Gold?
A – Because there are times that gold is the only asset class rising. It is the world’s number two currency and held by almost every government. It is essential in times of political instability and inflation.

Q – Why don’t you try and only own the asset class you think will rise?
A – Because it is impossible to predict the future. Even if you could, you cannot predict how people will react. When we had the Paris attacks on a Friday night, everyone predicted the stock market would open down on Monday. Yet the stock market opened up.