Julian Rubinstein

Julian Rubinstein |


Julian Rubinstein, the founder of American Asset Management Corporation in Boca Raton, is driven by a simple yet profound goal — he wants his clients to sleep well at night. With over 25 years of experience, Rubinstein has built a firm that focuses on conserve folios designed to deliver low volatility, consistent income, and the potential for growth.

The genesis of American Asset Management stems from Rubinstein’s personal experience. Having previously owned a manufacturing company, which he later sold to a publicly traded entity, he started the firm with a mission close to his heart — to safeguard his family’s wealth and that of others from catastrophic losses during market downturns, such as the one witnessed in 2008.

One of the key pillars of the firm’s philosophy is the innovative concept of target outcome investments. This unique approach offers investors a well-balanced combination of substantial downside protection, up to 30%, coupled with upside participation, consistent income, and daily liquidity — all within a predetermined maturity date.

“Most of our clients take monthly distributions to enjoy their retirement,” Rubinstein says, underscoring how this focus on downside protection shields investors from market losses and empowers them to navigate market fluctuations with confidence.

American Asset Management distinguishes itself with a modest $100,000 minimum investment, making quality investment management accessible. The portfolio is carefully curated to mirror Rubinstein’s own personal investment strategy, reflecting a commitment to transparency and alignment with client interests. The ultimate objective is clear — to ensure that everyone, irrespective of market volatility, enjoys restful nights, confident that their investments are well protected while providing the necessary income and growth.

American Asset Management offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, spanning tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and 401(k) planning. Beyond investment management, Rubinstein personally provides guidance in navigating all aspects of his clients’ financial lives, including but not limited to insurance, real estate, and the sale of a privately held business.