When it comes to investing your money, you have options. When it comes to working with an advisor, you have options. When it comes to doing both in a way that encourages stability, peace of mind, and confidence – you have American Asset Management.

At American Asset Management, we believe that sound financial planning is incredibly beneficial. Our Mission is to understand your unique circumstances and aspirations to help you build a sound strategy to guide you in reaching your financial goals. We aim to discover the best personalized investment options available through dedicated research, continuous learning, and team-based collaboration.

We work with a network of licensed professionals including CPAs, attorneys, and Estate Planners to help serve our client’s needs. We are proactive in our commitment to constantly improve ourselves and our knowledge of the industry. By collaborating with these professionals, we are able to offer a holistic wealth management approach to planning that ensures client satisfaction, peace of mind, and above all else – confidence.

The services we provide are extensive, and are meant to transcend well beyond quarterly reviews. Long-term goals require long-term planning, which is why we strive to establish trust and build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that last a lifetime.

Entrusting someone with the responsibility of managing your money can be stressful. Establishing comfort and trust isn’t just important – it’s essential. Not just financial comfort, but comfort knowing that you are working with a team of knowledgeable advisors who care. No matter where you happen to be in life, American Asset Management would like to help you reach your goals.

Our Investment Philosophy

Research / Personalization / Balance / Structure

As your advisor, we will guide you toward financial security and peace of mind. Understanding your personal and financial goals gives us insight into whether we can assist you in reaching them. Through collaborative and intensive research, we uncover what we believe to be your best investment options and uniquely tailor them to suit your individual needs.

You are unlike anyone else in the world. Your portfolio should follow suit.

Our goal is to create a balanced portfolio by using non correlated asset classes along with rules-based rebalancing.